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MIRAN’s tooling department is fully stocked with modern high-productive equipment. It is capable of producing very complicated and technically-challenging molds, including injection and blow as well as hot runner molds.

MIRAN offers:
  • Injection mold making. Average production lead times, including tool design – 4 months.
  • Blow mold making. Average production lead times, including tool design – 45 days.
  • Maximal mold weight – 500 kg. The mold building process is based in an active use of standard modules produced by a German company DME. All the crucial working parts are made from high-quality steel (Germany), providing high durability of the tools.

MIRAN’s tooling department equipment list includes:

  • CNC jig borer;
  • jig grinder, optical profile grinder, surface grinder, rotary surface grinder and internal grinder;
  • a number of electroerosion machines;
  • CNC milling machines (3D, CNC Dekel)
  • lathes, borers, etc.

Our advantages:

  • Over 15 years of experience in mold making.
  • Highly qualified personnel.
  • All projects are created by our own design studio. Projects are engineered with the use of 3D modeling programs.
  • Full-service custom packaging production:
3.Ready-to-use packaging production.
4.Product decoration.

We implement a precisely designed quality control process throughout production.

Our specialists keep upgrading existing technologies using the latest advancements in the industry. We have also introduced a number of innovative screw-on closure solutions.

To learn more about MIRAN’s products visit our “Cosmetic packaging”, “Custom packaging”,“Other packaging”.

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