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Custom packaging

Custom packaging

"Miran" provides full complex of in-house creation and production of custom packaging.  

What is custom packaging for the cosmetics market?


  • It’s a way to elevate your brand and make your products stand apart from the rest.
  • It’s the creation of a favorable image, which conveys the quality, style and uniqueness of your product.
  • It’s your competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • It is the best anti-forgery protection.
  • When done properly, it’s a perfect union of appearance and content, a harmony of perception and sensation.

Why partners choose us to create custom packaging?

  • Demonstrated Expertise. 15 years of packaging experience.
  • Product Guarantees. We guarantee product quality.
  • Follow through and Timeliness. We understand the need to complete projects on schedule.
  • Single Source. All projects are created by our in-house design studio.
  • Capability. Our tool-production division is capable of producing very complicated and technically-challenging molds (the lead time for a blowing mold -- 45 days, for an injection mold -- 4 months).
  • Creativity. We are ready to search, risk and create.