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Appealing decoration improves any packaging design. 

Decoration lets our customers get bespoke and original decorated packaging for being ahead of the competitors.

To make it work to our customers’ advantage, we offer a very wide range of decorating services:

  • Silk screen printing - for all shapes of bottles and jars. Up to 4-6 colors;
  • Hot Stamping on the bottles, caps an jars. Gold and silver foil as a stock (another color available on request);
  • Pad Printing - decorating method, which allows the transfer of the image from the cliche onto the item being printed. 
  • IM3D - in-mould 3D decoration with special 3D-pigments;                                                



Hot stamping on the bottles, caps and jars - thanks to this option you can decorate  bottles and  jars   with your  logo, image or some text information by silver or gold foil.

Silk screen printing is a stencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface.

We can decorate all units of our range by screen printing in according to clients request. We use 1 to 4 colors including popular gold and silver metallic colors. 

Gradient screen printing.  We are able to create artworks for silk printing using all advantages of raster graphics, not only vector graphics. This unique technology allows make packaging more attractive and to combine advantages of labels with the best features of silk screen printing.

 Volume screen printing You can use volumetric lacquer to enhance tactile feelings. Volumetric smooth lacquer felt on the matte sotf-tach surface.


How to order packaging with silk-screen printing?

  • to choose some bottle or jar from our catalog;
  • to send us final design ща your future silk screen printing and specify colors;
  • to ajust the final design, which will be send to you by e-mail
  • we will manafacture and you will ajust plastic sample of the bottle/jar with ready artwork.  

Miran is your reall source to meet all your decorating needs at one place.

To know more information about our products and services please contact our managers:

tel:  +375 17 207 26 34,
+375 17 306 42 88
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