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About company

About company

“MIRAN” jsc produces plastic packaging for cosmetics, household and pharmaceutical industry since 1989. Our company is based on 100% private capital. Most of the employees have been working from the moment of foundation but we regularly increase the staff with highly-qualified specialists.

Competitive advantages of our company

1. Time-tested ability to create innovative packaging that stands out on the exclusive shelves of supermarkets and salons

2. Great skills in decoration that allow you to make standard packing self-selling, eye-catching and personalized. This allows to express the benefits of a product and brand value. A good example is more than 20 different projects based on series of bottles "City" with soft-touch surface and silk screen printing. 

3. Creation of bespoke packaging which is exactly that a client had in mind. It is a guarantee of success at retail and protection against fakes.

4. We use the latest global developments in manufacture of masterbatches for cosmetic packaging. Latest effect pigments of MERCK and know-how technologies allow us to produce custom colors that beyond client’s expectations.


We understand that partnership is more than great products.

Due to the high requirements to quality and production structure our clients receive a brand new, unique and high-quality product. Our employees are continuously engaged in innovation, monitoring of production process, purchase of new high-tech equipment, study the demand and identify trends in packaging and are responsive to all customers  requests. Our goal is not just to be the experts and innovators in their field, but also to be a reliable partner and work together  for the future.

We maintain the high quality of our products. Quality control regulation

Our facilities and equipment:

• Manufacture of injection-molded plastic packaging (polyethylene, polypropylene) . 21 machines, including Battenfeld, Engel, LG;

• Blown-extrusion packaging (9 machines, including Magic, SMC);

Mold making, including bespoke packaging and hot-runner molds;


- Silk screen printing, including a unique gradient silk screen printing;

-  Foiling on the cap;

-  Hot Stamping on bottles, caps and jars;

-  Pad printing.

Masterbatches manufacturing.


Our own tool shop.

MIRAN gives a lot of attention to the development of technical equipment and engineering knowledge. The majority of companies in our industry has no possibility to produce molds by themselves. Our tooling department successfully works over 24 years and is a pride of our company. A team of experienced professionals provides high skills based on long-term experience. In addition to standard machine tool shop contains unique, self-designed pieces of equipment that allows us to produce even the most difficult molds including hot runner molds.


-  Silk printing on the bottles up to 4 colors. And even more!  We can decorate some units of our standard range by screen printing in according to clients request. We use 1 to 4 colors including popular gold and silver metallic colors.

Just a few companies including MIRAN can provide  a brand new method of gradient screen printing.  We are able to create artworks for silk printing using all advantages of raster graphics, not only vector graphics. This unique technology allows make packaging even brighter and more attractive and to combine advantages of labels with the best features of silk screen printing. Decoration lets our customers get bespoke and original decorated packaging for being ahead of the competitors.

Screen printing process guarantees high level of gloss and brightness. It is very stable to mechanical damages. 

- Hot stamping both on caps and bottles.

- Pad printing up to 4 colors.

Our own masterbatches manufacturing, which allows quickly develop any color precisely matches with client’s demand.

Some competitors take months for the process from developing a new color till the production of ready masterbatch. We are able to do this in 1-2 weeks, as well as produce and deliver colored samples for free. Actually developing a new color takes 1-3 days depending on amount of orders.

We use the best pigments of a well-known global company Merck. This allows us to achieve a stable color in every order, to vary the transparency, and to use a variety of modern special effects.

We value a long-term partnership.

Our partners always get information about our novelty and free samples promptly. We strive to maintain personal contact and monitor the level of customer satisfaction with our work. We are customer-oriented company  and aspire to improve our skills in this area.